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My name is Scott Wilson,

I grew up in Aberdeen. As a child I often went wild camping in the holidays with my father around Scotland for weeks at a time from as far south as Campbeltown up to Loch Ness in the North. My dad would look through his various ordnance and survey maps and decide which part of Scotland we needed to explore. We would then make sure we had all the right kit packed into our own individual back packs. There was no slacking we carried our own kit no matter how small we were.

My father grew up in Glasgow in the 50s and as a lot of people in that time did they would head out the city at the weekends. My father and his friends would catch the ferry over to Carradale in Kintyre where they would set up their big Bell tent near the sea shore. They would pick mussels from the rocks, sit round there camp fire telling story's and go exploring the peninsula. My dad told me many story's of their antics and adventures whilst camping in Carradale.

Below is a picture of my father (first on the left) with some of his friends outside the Carradale bakery with all their camping kit.

Below is a picture of my father and his friends camping down by the shore in Carradale

Camping at Carradale in the 50s scotsoutdoors

 It was this sense of adventure and love for the outdoors that my father passed down to me.

My father who then trained to become a marine engineer met my mother back in Glasgow, they soon married and not long after my sister was born they decided to move up to Aberdeen in search of work.

When my sister and I were old enough we were taken on camping trips all over Scotland. My dad would look through his various ordnance and survey maps and decide which part of Scotland needed to be explored. We would then make sure we had all the right kit packed into our own individual back packs. There was no slacking we carried our own kit no matter how small we were.

My dad loved his old paraffin primus stove for cooking which i still have to this day. I always remember my father pumping it up to pressure and the hissing sound it made as it burned. Most often we would cook on both the stove and the fire. For water we would take a collapsible water carrier and fill up from a close by burn. Not once did we use water purification tablets and we never ever got sickness!

My parents never had a car until i was in my late teens so we would catch the local bus to the bus station and then the Stagecoach bus from Aberdeen to our chosen destination then hike for miles to wherever my dad thought was a good spot to set up camp. Sometimes we would head all the way back down to Carradale or Campbeltown.These camping trips instilled in me a love for the outdoors, the history of Scotland and for the use of simple practical affordable outdoor clothing and camping equipment. We never had any fancy equipment back then, our first tent never even had a zipped door, just 3 cords to tie to around the center pole. I couldn't imagine camping with a tent like that now but it didn't bother us in the slightest back then

These days there is a lot of modern expensive ultra light big branded clothing on the market which for the most are bought as designer clothing rather than for their practical qualities. Don't get me wrong some of the kit is exceptionally good and serve their purpose well. For me personally I like to sit around a campfire and relax not having to worry about a hot ember instantly melting through my very expensive soft shell top brand ultra light jacket.  I am not saying I won't sell these type of products on my site but they won't be my main focus.

As I got older I went camping a lot with friends usually by bus and later with an old Suzuki SJ 4x4 vehicle which was also lots of fun. We used to take an inflatable rubber dinghy with us and explore and camp over night on inland islands. A few years later myself and a friend went back packing in Canada and went on a wild camping trip to Algonquin park where we used open Canadian canoes which were brilliant for wild camping and lugging gear around. 


After this trip I decided to look into canoeing in Scotland which is actually very popular, after all we have lots and lots of lochs. So eventually I saved up and bought a Old Town Discovery Canadian open canoe which when I get the chance I use to get out on the lochs exploring. You can access so many normally inaccessible areas and I highly recommend it to any one. There are books with routes around Scotland and you don't need to go anywhere near any white water if you do not want too. I also have two young boys of my own now and so the cycle continues as I am now introducing them to the great outdoors, although with all the modern day gadgetry its a lot harder.

I have always been passionate about the outdoors and Scotland, from wild camping, canoeing to over landing.  Hence the reason I decided to launch a site that sells a range of quality practical outdoor and camping equipment at reasonable prices. Also to encourage people to get out and explore this magnificent wee country we call home.

Not only is it good for your health its good for your soul. There is so much to see out there in Scotland and so many people barely leave their town center other than to fly on holiday over seas once a year. I want to encourage people to get out and see there country. Once they get a proper taste for it i am sure they will be addicted. 

I will be asking other fellow Scots to tell their stories of great outdoor feats accomplished or in the making. I want to mix it with some related Scottish history which can inspire people to get out and about like John MacGregor the Scottish explorer who designed and built a canoe and named it after his famous relation Rob Roy MacGregor or hiking Bonnie Prince Charlies escape route after Culloden like the famous Tom Weir did. I also want to try to support local Scottish businesses by using local business where possible.

See my blog page for greats Scots and their amazing feats.

I hope everyone likes the site. If there's anything your planing on doing or have already done so and would like to see it on the site then please get in touch. Also if there is anything you would like to see for sale on the site or anything you would like to hear about in regards to getting out and about in Scotland then please contact us.


 All the Best

Scott Wilson